Give BIG! Highlights

Your support brings the curriculum alive for the students of the Saint Helena Unified School District. Below are just a handful of the wonderful ways your donations have enhanced and expanded the education experience for our community’s fortunate public school students.

For the last several years, SHHS science teacher Chris O’Connor has offered 30-35 Anatomy and Physiology students a wonderful extracurricular opportunity to explore comparative marine anatomy on Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California. This three
day crash course focuses on both invertebrate and vertebrate comparative anatomy, and virtually all the work is hands on, ‘in
the field.’ Your support ensures that any student in the class who wants to go is able to, regardless of ability to pay.


SHPS creates a community of lifelong learners, and its lucky K-2nd graders form lasting connections with their fellow students, teachers, parents and the community at large. The SHPSF and Parent Groups facilitate this mission, funding field trips, art exploration, and the much beloved ‘birthday books,’ presented personally to each child in their classroom on their birthday. Your support enables the foundation for a lifelong love of reading.


The SHHS Literary Art Journal is a student-driven annual publication that showcases student artwork, poetry, and creative writing. Student editors select the poetry and art, and then compile the journal with the support and guidance of long-time librarian (and SHPSF Board Member) Susan Swan. Each student at SHHS receives a treasured copy at no charge, thanks to your support.


Creative and dedicated teachers bring wonderful innovative technology-based opportunities to their students, and it’s our good fortune to be
able to offer them ongoing support, with your help. These SHES students are working with a Makey Makey kit, a small circuit board that turns physical objects into buttons for a computer by creating electrical circuits. These girls have created a closed circuit using tinfoil, Play-Doh, and their hands. They were then able to use it as a video game controller to play a game created by a fellow classmate.


The 8th grade students at RLS form lifetime memories and a lasting connection to our natural world with an end of year trip to the majestic Yosemite National Park. The excellent team of 8th grade teachers and their local park naturalists incorporate lessons on wildlife, geology, and natural systems. Students receive an indelible lesson on the power of observation and the diversity and wonder of life and their environment. Students are asked to contribute to the cost of this trip, but all are able to attend regardless of ability to pay, thanks to your support.


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